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It closes the FLP side to charge for 15 minutes than opens to let the alternator cool for 20 minutes. When the LFP resting voltage gets to 13.4 it opens to stop charging. It doesn't give you as much charging as you would get from a lith ready external regulator. Comments: After a complete rebuild of a 2.7 engine I ha da problem with alternator not charging. Engine was brought to me without the car. Engine was brought to me without the car. Everything was fine, but voltage at battery did not go up to 14V when engine running.Apr 23, 2020 · The most common reason for an alternator failing to charge a battery is one of them going bad. You can easily test the voltage by connecting a voltmeter to your battery while the engine is off. The voltage reading should be between 12 and 13 volts. You can automatically assume there’s a battery problem when the reading is lower. If a flooded (wet) battery becomes hot, over 125° F (51.5° C), or if it violently gasses or spews electrolyte, turn the charger off temporarily or reduce the charging rate. This will also prevent "thermal runaway" that can occur with AGM (Ca/Ca) and Gel Cell (Ca/Ca) VRLA batteries if the battery temperature is over 100°F (37.8° C).

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It is possible that a working coil is shorting to the case, and stopping the other coils in the chain from working. This is very common when a Lucas coil is over tightened in the metal clamp; the case becomes crushed and touches the windings inside. This can occur when the coil warms up. Stop wasting up to 50% of your power energizing the coil of standard brush type alternators. Get a real PMA! Permanent magnet alternators are by no means standard "Automotive" alternators containing brushes and electro-magnetic coils. A PMA does not waste power by having to continuously create an energy intensive magnetic field. My battery dyeing real fast even when im driving my car could it be my alternator my car also was exhilarating by - Answered by a verified Chrysler Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Wiggle and would start charging. I actually had 4 problems. Intermittent charging. Alternator dumped, and battery light on dash coming on under a load, fuses #6 and #7 under hood blown. Alternator dump took out fuses, put on new alternator, replaced fuses, (with engine running), and crapped out 2nd alternator (so I thought).

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Jan 15, 2020 · The alternator is a fairly important part of your vehicle’s electrical system. It generates the power that your car or truck needs to operate and works alongside the battery to provide an electrical current that recharges the battery and provides power to a variety of things, including the ignition, radio, and heating and air conditioning. Charging at 14.7v from when revved. The I noticed that about 1500rpm and higher, lights starts dimming and voltage fluctuates from 14.3 to 14.7v. Now when I let the engine idle for 15-20 minutes the alternator stops charging. The charging light on the dash is off (it is on before starting the engine). Any ideas?

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Ok, so I think I have found an economical way to measure the charge amps when the alternator is charging the batteries. I can install this shunt at my solenoid, one end connected to the solenoid and the other connected to the cable that runs to my house battery, and I can use this gauge to read the signal from the shunt.The alternator went while I was driving home so she was towed to work. She sat for a month before I was able to get the new one put in. I put the battery on charge while I was working and one of my mechanic friends hooked a jump box up to make sure there was enough charge to make it the 15 miles to my friends work to do the alternator. Auto stop after charging is completed; Warm-up and cool-down periods w/o alternator load. Active throttle speed control, adjusting engine speed to match current loading. Alternator Management: Fully configurable 3-stage Alternator regulation with soft ramp of initial power on. 'Over Charge' (or 4th stage) support for AGM batteries.